Wanted Custom 70 series front & rear bumper

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Aug 11, 2008
Okanagan Valley, B.C.
United States
Looking for a custom front and rear bumper for a 87' BJ70. Would like to retain my PTO winch while parting away with the porch. Located in BC.
me too. Ive been working with a local LC shop that does a lot of bumper/armor fab work. They are using my 75 as a model for mounts etc. Ill post some pics when there is something to show. So far its a winch bumper but non-pto.
If you guys can be patient Trail Tailor (reevesci on here) might be selling these soon. In a couple of weeks I will be dropping off the wife's BJ71 at his place so he can get measurements to start building these!!
Dude, you guys need to call Jason @Cruisin' ! www.cruisinoffroad.com He does great work and was willing to work with me to build some really cool armor for my 74. I need to do a write up and more photos. I just got back from a long trip so am still catching up on work and family stuff.

The front bumper maintains the PTO winch. Looks great and lots of clearance. If you go with an electric winch the mounts can be moved up and in about another inch.



The rear bumper is a tube style to match the front. The coolest part is that the swing arms are tied into the rear doors, so no extra latch needed to open and close. I really love this feature! I designed the LH swing out to hold a frontrunner water jerry can and my TRED mats. The upper part which holds another jerry can and the propane tank is removable. So when not in full expo mode I don't have to carry that around.


Thanks to Fireball for the props. I'm fully jigged up for building armour for 70/71/73/74s. I can do front and rear bumpers, sliders, and I make a super stout transfer case skid pate for the 5-speed models.

Sorry I don't have much info on parts for these trucks on my website, but I'm happy to provide more info by email: cruisinoffroad (at) shaw (dot) ca

I am in the same boat. I have cdn spec bj70 so it doesn't have to cater to a PTO winch.

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