Crystal Mtn Camp-out & Clean up!

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Apr 1, 2006
Loveland, CO
:bounce::bounce2: The Crystal Mtn Camp- out & clean up is the week-end of June 9th & 10th. The meeting was canceled last Wednesday and will be this Wednesday instead. Our meeting is at 7:00pm on June 6th at the Ihop on Harmony (between Lemay and Timberline) in Fort Collins. Hope to see you there :bounce::bounce2:
I have an EKG certification class on Wednesdays through the end of July but then my schedule shifts to Tuesdays so I will be able to start making meetings.

What is the schedule for the trail clean up? I may not be able to camp out but definitely able to head up at least one day, likely Saturday.
That is okay Kevin as long as we get a good days work out of you. :eek: Seriously, we stop about 20 times and pick up trash of any kind and cleanup glass left by the idiots that left it there. Not too bad as long as a downed tree is not involved, which I have not heard about.

I think the Cheyenne Trail Crew, a club from up north, will be running the trail Saturday. A couple of the members were at the chutes with us last weekend, if anyone remembers the White Cherokee and the Red TJ. :clap:

Uncle Ben can't attend - again. :doh:
don't think i've run these trails, or if i have, it was 18 years the trail roof top tent friendly? especially on an oversized pig ;)

also, is dinner fend for yourself, or a potluck thing?
There is a tippie spot on the upper trail.

Rooftop tent should be fine at the campsite though.

Potluck and fend for yourself. There is a fire ban until June 15th I believe. I am taking a couple of small stoves.
Sweet, we'll to.twrecks. Meeting time and place?
Sweet, we'll to.twrecks. Meeting time and place?

I am going up on Friday late afternoon. You all off then? If not meet at Trail head of Moody Hill at 10AM Saturday if you'd like, unless you know where the Trail head of Crystal is and we could meet there. Campsite is west of the open rock playground, then south of the creek on the left. P=Playground C=Campsite

we're gonna try to make fri night. we'll know better thurs pm. gotta move rtt, pack and wire in fridge. hopefully, we can figure it out ;)
Looks like my hours are rounding out to getting off work at around 1-1:30 PM Friday. I will call you then Ige to see how things are going. Hopefully the new fire up off of Pingree Park road does not spoil the weekend at Crystal, although if it gets going it may head North toward Kelly Flats CG.
Camman fire is 100% contained as of 20 minutes ago. Showers in the mountains!
:bounce::bounce2: Bill, Paul & I will be at Masonville at 9:30, Saturday morning if anyone wants to head up the canyon with us. :bounce::bounce2:
Bob is planning on going up Friday afternoon contact him for timing. Ige if you guys are getting off late the pig is welcome in our driveway again. We usually bring our own meat to barbeque and pretty much share sides always seems to be pleanty. I'm bringing a coffee pot, and nukeing some potatoes to cut up and fry for everyone for breakfast, we are bringing that colaspable grill to bar b que and cook on. Looks like an awesome week-end the only downer is no campfire :crybaby: :bounce2::bounce:
trying to match google maps to your map shown, can't find pack trail or any thing that looks like those roads off of buckhorn. my idea of 34 to 27 is the route through masonville, so that matches, then i show taking buckhorn all the way to where it splits left at stove praire. from that point is where i'm trying to find your map. waiting would be cool, but we still have to shop and it's always a crapshoot on when pighead gets off work. don't know if there's service there, but i can try to call when we get to masonville.

i'll keep you updated either way.
It's looking fairly unlikely I will be able to make, life attacks yet again. If things change I will make my way up there.
Wonder how bad it is up there with the fire. Hope everyone's careful.
I hope everyone's OK too. Looks like the fire is encraoching into their neck of the woods.
I am must say I am a little concerned especially with how much this fire has grown so quickly. I called FJ40zen a short while ago and have not heard back. Anyone else from the trip make it out?

Looks like Buckhorn Canyon road is closed which is the way in/out of the area too.
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