cruiser parts cross post.


Mar 14, 2002
Mooresville, NC

Pics here.

All parts off of a 73 that was parted.

Rear bumper, maybe conferr? Looks nice, hitch. $80 plus shipping if UPS or fed ex will take it. No truck ship, sorry.

Rear spare tire carrier. Bolts onto tub. $75 plus shipping

High lift jack mounts $25 plus shipping

This pisses me off. Perfect side mirrors and arms. Well, until I stepped on one taking these pics this morning. Cracked one glass. $50 both + ship.

Rear tailgate blockoff. For late model trucks. $30 + ship, if I can. Pretty thin, but does the job. I assume the holes are for the license plate?

All parts in Burlington, VT.

Also have a set of cut out flares. 3, actually. two cut for trimmed rocker panel. with welting. $50 for all three plus ship.
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