Cruise Moab 2017 Registration Is Now Open

Apr 2, 2005
Kittredge CO USA
We finally got the last couple of issues worked through this morning, and we are pleased to announce that registration for the 20th annual Cruise Moab is now open!

Cruise Moab - Toyota 4x4 event in Moab, UT

30 days after registration opens, registration will increase from $175 to $199.

This year's event will be from Tuesday, May 2nd through Sunday May 7th. Our headquarters will be at the lot just south of and adjacent to Slickrock Campground again. You do not have to stay at Slickrock Campground if you don't want to, it is just the epicenter of the event. Please check the FAQ page if you have any questions, and if they are not answered there please email or call Jeff Zepp at (303) 674-2386.

The schedule will be the same as the last couple of years with the overnight runs:

Tuesday - Kokopelli Run Starts (3 Days 2 Nights - limit 14 rigs!)
Wednesday - San Rafael Swell Run Starts (2 days 1 night - limit 20 rigs), Registration, Safety Inspection, Hell’s Revenge Night Run!!!
Thursday - Guided Trail Runs, Vendor Night
Friday - Guided Trail Runs, Dinner, Raffle
Saturday - Guided Trail Runs
Sunday - Clean up and go home

We are keeping registration the same as it has been for the past six years for the first 30 days: $175 + BLM fees, which are a straight pass-through. We are also passing through the $25/registrant food costs for the overnight runs. Remember, Rising Sun doesn't make a dime on Cruise Moab. This year we are spending extra funds to make the 20th Cruise Moab extra memorable with special 20th Cruise Moab schwag.

Be advised that you must be a current TLCA member to register. We could not have this event without our affordable TLCA insurance, it is a TLCA sanctioned event and therefore you must be a TLCA member. It's only $35.

I am chairing the committee this year. I am doing trail assignments and registration again this year. If you have any questions, please contact at the email above. Please do not PM me here with questions about Cruise Moab. Feel free to join the Cruise Moab thread.

Here are the changes from last year:

Added Top of the World (new trail for Cruise Moab)
Brought back Chicken Corner
Brought back Pritchett Canyon
Dropped Behind the Rocks
Dropped Gold Bar Rim
Dropped the Pickle

Trail Sponsors to date:

Outdoorx4 Magazine - Kokopelli - Tue-Thu
Cruiser Outfitters - San Rafeal Swell - Wed-Thu
Midwest Expedition Outfitters - Hells Revenge - Wed night
Marlin Crawler - Fins & Things - Thu
Land Cruiser Heritage Museum - Fins & Things - Fri
Redline Land Cruisers - Hell's Revenge - Fri
Gamiviti - Wipeout Hill - Fri
Outer Limit Supply - Fins & Things - Sat
Proffitt's Resurrection Landcruisers - Metal Masher - Sat
All Pro Off Road - Pritchett Canyon - Sat

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