cross post, got hit by a winch cable.. am link to the run..

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Jan 28, 2007
1993 land cruiser in rapid city South Dakota
Bh4Wheelers Forum - Club run on Sunday

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yeh, we were pulling a winch line all the way out to re-wrap it. he had a new winch and had not re spooled it.
when it got to the end of the drum the truck pulling it out went just a bit to far.
it pulled tight. whipped over hit me then pulled out of the drum.
I was about 15 feet away. It happened so fast that no one really saw it.
I didn't so much see the cable coming as I saw it disappear.
it even roughed up my jeans a bit.
hit me in the thigh. I put ice on it for an hour or so.
nice bruise. I would sure hate to get hit by one breaking under force.
so going to order the synthetic winch line for both trucks.

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well I tried to take a picture, but I don't bruise.. so not that impressive looking. And I put, Ice on it for an hour after it happened. Thanks Deb for the zip lock baggy, and sorry about you having to watch me apply it!! really from what I know of most people as a nurse, the thigh would be major black and blue. the part that you can see.. I will up load pictures of it.. it is hard and swollen.
I would really guess about like getting hit by a line drive base ball.
I was away from the cable, I really didn't see it coming, just saw it disappear. then SWAP..
I would really hate to see what a cable breaking under a real load would have done. The only load on this cable is what ever it takes to pull it out of the little crimp on connector at the end.
It didn't take me down, just hit me, then it started to burn, then it started to tighten up. I could see my blue jeans were a bit ripped.
I am TOTALLY SHOCKED at the force. As I am sure other folks were shocked when I dropped my pants to check it out.
SO, don't play around, do the blankets, jackets what ever... lay something over that cable or get the synthetic line.. after this, I am ordering up one for both our trucks,, and you can bet that I will be behind something or out of reach of the cable from now on..
even if you were hiding behind a tree,, and under full load the cable broke it would mess you up..
I am really, really shocked, as were others that have seen my leg. and the very little pressure that line was under. at what it did..

so be safe,, I had no idea that something so easy, no pressure or pull could lay this down.
if it had say been under full pressure I can guess that it would have ripped the muscle off the front of my leg or broken my leg..
this was a very GENTAL reminder of the dangers of a winch cable.
post 3
again I will say that I don't bruise.
the area that you see, is hard, about 3/8 inch thick. feels like a charley horse. loosens up with use.
you can see the weird swelling in the top of the picture..
AND THIS WINCH LINE WAS NOT UNDER A LOAD..just what ever it takes to pull the cable out of just the little keeper..
You will see me taking ALOT more care when ever there is a cable involved in winching!!!

you can see where it cut across my leg!!

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