copper nickel brake line for a/c high pressure line?

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Jan 7, 2016
OK so my cruiser has a leak in the rear a/c line over the rear axle. The PO put a compression fitting on it with a brake line. Regular brake line is no good with the moisture going though it. My thought was to use copper nickel brake line. Any thoughts on this? If it is DOT approved for hydraulic brakes on trucks I would think it would hold. I have researched airsept compression fittings and block offs for the rear air. I have a section about 20" to replace. I'm sure the screw will break of if I try to remove it from the rear condenser and replace with a factory line.

I've tried worse ideas... there is a lot more pressure in your A/C than in hyd. brakes BUT there is prob. a HUGE fudge factor in a brake system is there any way you can flair the tube you have left on your truck and use a flair fitting? double flair would be FAR better
Thanks for your help, not sure if I can double flair it. I know it would be fudged but what if it worked with a brake compression fitting or airsept fitting (not the one in the picture as we talked about earlier). Curious about the metals and the a/c system.
Copper-nickel alloys are traditionally called "monel". Monel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Easy to form and flare. Impervious to corrosion. Maybe what 'Yota should have used in the first place for rear lines. You are GTG.
Update almost 2 years later and about 25k miles. A/C is still ice cold. Fitting and line is holding up well. This was a good alternative to the thousands I was told to replace this line at the dealer. I read that the body "has to be lifted off the frame" to replace this line.

Don't block off your rear A/C!! Also my local parker distributer Connecticut's Leading Parker Fluid Connector Distributor
Can make hydraulic hoses, brake lines, a/c lines, and fuel lines.

Here is a picture of the total bill.

I enjoy practical solutions such as this one. Good thinking!
Excellent solution Sir!

Thank you for the follow up.

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