Compression 120 / 140

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Nov 30, 2005
Seattle WA
Checked compression cold #1 & #6 140. #2 - #5 120. In the process of pulling the intake / exhaust "bad leak" was also planning on adjusting the valves. My air rail is toast, need one of thoes so far. After the new gasket, valve adjustment I will do a cold / hot test again. Thoes numbers were not what I was hopeing for.


10/85 fj60 have only owned for about a month. basically stock? not had much time in the seat.
Might want to consider doing a wet test along with the dry test to try and isolate whether you have problems with our rings or whether you are getting leakage by the valves.
I'd do a leakdown test as well before doing any work. Three years or so after my engine rebuild I found that I have 20% in my #5 cylinder even though compression is 145+ on all cylinders. Leakdown can also help pin point the problem (rings vs valve....).

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