SOLD COMPLETE 1996 Hilux Surf salvage - BC Canada (1 Viewer)

Jul 3, 2006
Fort Apache: Victoria

I am not parting this vehicle out. No exceptions. It is for sale as an entire unit.

Complete 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X "wide body" located in BC Canada.

Sold with bill of sale only - cannot ever be insured. Bring a trailer!

Left front end damage consists of: knuckle, strut, headlight, fender and very slight damage to flare. JDM fender mirror is gone. Left headlight has one broken tab so I removed it for transport. It's repairable and is included. Left corner marker is gone. Hood and latch appear to be undamaged. Doors open and close freely. Grill and radiator are undamaged. Frame appears undamaged.

1KZ-TE engine with 212700kms (132000 miles). Starts and idles fine. Sticker states timing belt service at 92600kms.

Auto A340F trans shifts fine. Has "multimode" AWD and J-shift (same as 2000 Limited 4Runner)

Axle code: A02A (open 3.91 ratio, so no limited slip, no rear locker).

Stock suspension as far as I can tell.

No rust on body/frame.

Power windows/doors, sunroof, A/C. All windows test OK including rear window. Power side mirrors but NOT heated or power-folding. Single battery system.

Blue cloth interior. Good, complete condition all around but needs a good steam cleaning. Minor wear on driver's seat. Left and rear seats are 10/10.

Paint code: 1A5

JDM goodies: Field unit (altimeter, compass), auto climate control, reclining rear seats (will recline in any 3rd gen 4Runner), rear tire carrier, paint-matched wind deflector, OEM bull bar (bull bar cover comes with it, but isn't in the photos). Weird multi-component double-DIN JDM stereo comes with it, condition unknown. Rain visors.

Other damage: cracks in windshield, stereo bezel is gone. Brake system lost pressure (possible leak in left front brake line?). Front and rear bumpers have minor dings. Battery does not hold a charge, but engine fires up with cables.

Truck has gibbled front end (obviously) but can be driven short distances in a straight line (like testing drivetrain or getting on/off trailer).

Interior photos and photo taken next to red shipping container were taken today (11 September). Truck is in a secure lockup located approx 10 minutes from the Aldergrove US/Canada border crossing.
Reason for selling: was going to do a KZ swap into my 4Runner and part-out the Hilux, but situation has changed. I no longer have time to part this out so IT IS BEING SOLD AS A SINGLE UNIT. Do not ask me for specific parts because I just don't have time. I'm just looking to get out of this what I put into it, OBO. Please, no lowballs, I'm trying to not take too much of a hit on this. It can sit where it is (Aldergrove) until the right buyer comes along. This is a great candidate for a drivetrain swap, and has enough part-out potential to partially offset that cost. More pics by email upon request.

CAD$4200/USD$3200 obo





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Jul 3, 2006
Fort Apache: Victoria
Note: I had a few Mudders message me asking how to import this into the US. I have no idea. Try calling a company that imports "front cuts" from Japan and Australia. This entire truck will cost you about half what they charge for just the front, so it's worth doing some research.

Truck is located about a 10 minute drive from a US border crossing, if that helps. I can help store it for a couple of months, so if you formulate a plan to legally import the pieces you want after paying for the entire vehicle and covering the cost of disposing of what's left over, go ahead and I'll help if I can.

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