Come and get this crap from me

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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
I figured that would get people's attention, I need to get rid of the larger things like the tires, diffs, fuel tank, etc.
Make some offers will you, other wise it goes to the scrap yard, or Steve's shop. :D

-Diffs, front and back - but, no axles, birfs, hubs. everythings else is there, the rear diff during dissasembly had an issue and the bolt for the pillow block snapped off. It will work great if you are planning on putting a locker in. 3.7 stock gears.
-Leafs, front and back, decent condition, would like to sell as a set.
-u-bolt bottom plates
-rear (stock size) shock absorbers. no front ones.
-4 33X9.5 BFG A/T tires on stock rims (around 30%).SOLD
-1 stock size spare on stock rim.
-steering column complete (minus ignition lock)
-manual steering box
-dash, top and bottom, top has small/medium cracks
-glove box door
-grille (no toyota logo), headlight doors good condition
-rear bench seat vinyl, no rips
-all of the grab handles
-all of the heater "ducts" from under the dash
-gas tank (diesel)
-front clip (the piece that the rad and headlights mount to) some rust on bottom corners.
-rear door weather stripping good condition with clips
-e-brake cable, complete from handle to all the clips, very good condition
-the trim around all the door openings, tan
-Running boards, aftermarket, they fit on the 60s.
-rear hatch lock and linkage SOLD
-Brand New Toyota front (SOLD)and rear SOLDchrome bumpers in orignal boxes. $300 each, I also have 1 end cap Driver's side rear SOLDbrand new from Toyota.
I can't remember the rest, still lots there.
If you need pics, let me know.
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OK, the nice, shiny front bumper and corner is gone. Who wants the rest? Anyone doing a spring over - good leafs!
Tires and rims - 33"
Diffs (missing some things).

Don't make me recycle this stuff.
hi guys i was wondering who to contact to join coastal cruisers
Bill is the membership guy, his name on here is Scalp, so you could private message him, and he will give you all the info and let you know about the next meeting ( 2nd thursday of every month).
thanks Deny
I'll give you $2000 for your 1984
(without the tires)

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