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Apr 6, 2003
Sumner, WA
I am installing an aftermarket harness in my 79' fj40. I am not quite sure which column wires go where. I am using the stock 79' column. Any help would be great.

1st. plug has 6 wires

1) Green/Black
2) Green/White
3) Green/Yellow
4) Red/Yellow ( High Beam/indicator light ) ??
5) Red/White ( to light switch ) ??
6) Red/Green ( Low Beam ) ??

2nd. Plug 2 wires

1) Green/White ( Horn power ) ??
2) White/Black ( Horn ground ) ??


1982 Toyota Pickup
Nov 12, 2008
Houston, Texas
Just wired up the same thing:

Green/Black - Left Turn
Green/White - Turn Signal Common
Green/Yellow - Right Turn

Red/Yellow - Bright (push forward to turn brights on)
Red/White - Bright common

Green/Red - Horn. Common is actually chassis ground, so not sure what the White/Black does - mine was not hooked to ground like many other white/blacks.

By far the best wiring diagram I have found to use:

I am almost done fully rewiring the 75 FJ40. All new vintage connectors, (ordered CK4, plus had to get the crimper - after crimping, I soldered every connection).
Using the Painless (yeah right!) 20 ckt waterproof harness. I tore the groupings all apart and regrouped them to match where I needed the wiring to go. I went inside of asphalt coated loom throughout, and fiberglass loom when close to the engine. I put the fuse box on the right side inside of the glove box. All looks really clean. I'll post a few pics if I get a chance. My FJ will not have any of the emissions stuff, so will be as basic as possible while still street legal. It has an 86 2F motor and electronic ignition. I have extensively planned and wired on this thing, so am happy to help where I can.
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Feb 3, 2011
Medford Oregon
Hello guys, i have this same color codes, but have an additional question when hooking up the Painless wires to them.

Painless has a LF (Left Front) and a LR (Left Rear) turn signal wire, so 2 wires for the Left turn, and the column (wire color GB) only has the one wire from the column for the left side. The Right turn is the same, 2 Painless wires, one from column.

Did you guys hook up both the Painless wires to the single wire on the column???

Im not much for wiring, but i would assume this to be correct, but then you have 4 wires (2 for each side) for the blinkers.

Also, what is the "common" you refer to for the Horn, Brights and Turn.

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