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Apr 15, 2013
houston bc canada
Im starting a fj40 project with a three link front with a fj60 axle I will be using coilovers since they are leftovers from another project. any recommendations on what bracket you think you make that would work with this setup

Dan Fredrickson

Supporting Vendor
Sep 13, 2005

I have suggestions a plenty! I'll start by giving you a few links to some of the categories of brackets that you will likely need along the way, and let me know with any further questions!

First, you are going to need a way to mount the coil-overs to the frame, I have a few shock tower/hoop options for you to take a look at here:
Shock Towers & Hoops - RuffStuff Specialties

Next you are going to need a way to attach the coil-overs to the axle side, there are a variety of ways to do it, but most coli-overs are a 1-1/2" ID bracket, and a 1/2" bolt hole size. Pretty much every bracket and tab you find at this link is designed to support that:
Shock Brackets & Tabs - RuffStuff Specialties

Finally there is the question of the 3-link.

I have a few variations of 3 link kits, or if you've got some parts and pieces already, I may have some more that you will want. Check out these links below:

3 Link Kits - RuffStuff Specialties
Link Brackets - RuffStuff Specialties
Link Tabs - RuffStuff Specialties

Thanks for the question, I hope this helps, and feel free to let me know if you've got more!

Feb 15, 2006
Austin, Texas
I am taking peoples advice from IH8MUD and installing new 39" BF Goodrich Krawlers tires. New rims. Found a used SM465 with advanced adapters Orion twin stick shifters. 4:88 gears. Have a rear ARB locker installed and installing a front ARB locker. So now comes the old suspension. I have original flat leaf springs to deal with. Currently have a spring over, shackle reversal and rear moved back about 3 inches. Have been looking at Fox coilovers with hoops and a triangulated 4 link. Running out of money though. Is this the way to go or is there something that works better from Ruffstuff?
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