Wanted Coil bracket

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Aug 26, 2017
As title says I’m looking for the bracket the holds the coil for my 1966/40. Thanks for your time. Bill
Like this?
To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve only seen a picture of one, and it was not the same year as mine. That said, the one ur picturing look like it will work. Do u know what it came off of?
I'll take a photo of A few others I have tomorrow, I have a 65 F engine and I'll compare it with that. I did notice 3 different styles in stock. My thinking on this one is the bracket tapers up at the bottom where it bolts to the head, and the slotted hex head screw with the brass square nut. Maybe some one with a 1966 F engine will chime in? John
Wow, thanks for all you effort on this! If you don’t mind, let’s wait a day or so to see if someone will comment. If no one pipes is after that time I guess I’ll pick the oldest looking one.
I shipped you the one that is not tapered, I think it is correct since I have a bunch of tapered ones and only a couple not tapered. USPS Tracking#9505513188629137107687 Thank You, John

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