Coastal GA Mechanic

May 29, 2018
Saint Simons Island, GA
Hi all. Unfortunately I fear my HG is about to blow on my 97 TLC. She's giving me tale-tale signs like overheating and a bit of white smoke blowing out of her. My question:

Does anyone know of any mechanics in coastal GA that you have either used or would recommend for a HG replacement? I'm rather handy but don't have the time to do the repair myself.

For reference I'm on SSI but am willing to tow to SAV, JAX or surrounding areas. Thanks!

Gun Runner 5

Oct 22, 2009
Thomasville, GA
It is not coastal but Rob Smith at Odd Iron is the closest Cruiser mechanic to you that I am aware of, but he is in Thomasville.
Over view of Odd Iron Off Road and offerings for Land Cruisers and off road vehicles

Even if you consider Rob too far from you, he might be able to direct you to a viable mechanic that is closer.
Good luck
First of all, thanks for the shout out. It's greatly appreciated. Although Rob can and has on occasion worked on
petrol engines, Odd Iron is primarily a custom diesel shop and as of today is booked into at least early 2019.
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