Coastal Cruisers new web page, please read first post before replying.

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Aug 16, 2005
Allan has prepared the front page as a demo of what he can do. Him and I discussed the content as per "wish list" thread.
Top tabs will be the basic links to club info: i.e. members info, trips, photos, movies, and new member sign up, etc. Side taps are current events.
Club history write up is on the bottom, announcements bottom left.
Pictures on the main page actually fade in and out, however this being a demo hosted page they do not right now.
Allan will help me setup a ftp site where we will be able to store pictures and movies for streaming right inside the home page.
Since I work with Allan I volunteer to be an administrator for the site (pic and movies upload, event info, and announcements) provided by members.
Our logo will be bigger as will the banner. Page is set for 800x600 resolution.
Latin is an auto fill option, demo only.
Please post only solid, to the point comments to keep this thread short.
Anything else please e-mail me
Here is the demo front page.

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I think that this is exactly what we were looking for, looks great Marcin.
Couldn't be more right.Perfect!
Looks really good to me!
It's got my vote.

I'm looking forward to having a club site to show others what we're about.

Thanks for taking the time to get this closer to reality.:cheers:
Perfect, you and Allan did a great job, the color scheme is nice - very nice, not boring, still easy to read and friendly. Maybe see about shrinking the side black bars by about a 1/4 of their current size (a bit of wasted space). The background behind the logo and the 40 might be a slightly different shade for contrast but that might not be so important with the larger logo, also toss in the Vancouver, BC chapter of the TLCA under there. Looks very professional and easy to navigate.
looks a lot better when yur not using dial up,

you should have a english version though:D
Looking good, but one constructive comment: blur out the license plates.

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