Coal Mine 2012

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Well, two weeks till Coal Mine 2012, who from our "club" is gonna be able to make it? Matt Reed is penciled in for two days, will be wheeling his 80 one day at least. Steve Colavito will be there for a few days wheeling the FJ Cruiser as ghis 40 isn't quite ready yet. Bill Smith will be thyere in his "new to the trail" 66 FJ40. Hoping the Merkeys can make it at least one day. Ben Delp is planning to wheel Saturday. Rob and Kelly should be able to make it at least a day or two in Rob's bobbed pickup. Hoping maybe Bill (Hildy) can make if not in his 40 in one of the 62's he beat up at Paragon the day before heading off to the service- remember that day? Mike Stevens will of course be there helping run the show with his fellow Gotham City members. Also hoping to see the wild man, Todd Slater at Rausch- always an interesting ride when Slater is at thye park! Maybe Chris Bury will show- I know he was looking at buying a 40 recently..........

This is an awesome event in our own back yard, a great way for anyone new to the area to meet some locals and see what rausch is all about. There's always a seat available in someone's rig for a passenger, too, and always someone to hook up with to use as a trail guide if it's your first time wheeling at Rausch. Look for me in the tan topless 40 to say hello. Looking forward to meeting some of the newer posters on this club forum! Thanks, Gary S
I will never forget Hildy and the rocks that day! I still wish I had a video camera that day!

Hoping to get up one day....not sure which!?
I'l be there with bells on!!
Make sure to take pics guys. I cant make it I will be working!
Haha we all got a lesson in Toyota toughness that day! I'm busy with classes until aug 8th, but I might be able to make an appearance at RC during the event. I gave that 62 I got from you Gary to my brother as well, he's been busy working on that and should be street legal again not too much longer.
Coal mine

Bill- you'd be welcome any day you can make it. Hell, I remember the last time I saw you at Rausch your face had taken a beating the day beofre- remember that??? Gary
Coal mine

I'm headed to the campground today after work, have a Kabin rented for four nights, within walking/stumbling distance of the event camping area. Weather at least w-f looks prefect. Anyone in the area who has an intereste in land cruisers oughtta make an effort to get to this event in our back yard! Gary S
I'll be up saturday. Hope you make it Hildy. Been about a year since I have seen all you guys. Will be good to catch up.
Good to see everyone. Had a great time!
Pics or it didn't happen!
Had a great time! Good to see everyone and meet some new people too!
It happen and was a great time

As always, I had a great time. Sorry to say quite a few regulars were not there due to various reasons.



some more pics



Check out Gary's sweeeet belt! :hillbilly:



More pics



and some more. I wonder if I can load more than 3 pics per post??



Thank's Bob! You know where you're going like I do. LOL :D


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