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Sep 8, 2005
Colorado Springs CO
I needed to get my 20 lb. CO2 tank filled. I searched the internet and found out that the Colorado "green house" people use CO2 to make their plants grow faster. I found a place called Way to Grow located on Sinton road South of Garden of the Gods road, it is next to the Department of Wildlife building. They were going to swap my tank, but they didn't have any that were full. The guy filled mine and charged me $7.52. That is about $10.00 cheaper than Airgas or Colorado Welding Supply.
I have a 20 lb tank. They only have a fill station. When the guy picked up my tank to go to the fill station he checked the date. I was hoping he would do a tank swap since my hydro is up in May. If your hydro date is past you may have to go to Airgas or other gas supplier. The last time I went to Airgas they didn't check the hydro they just did a tank swap. It was about $18 but a hydro and refill of my own tank would have been more and they let me select the tank (I found the longest hydro date).
Very nice. I will have to,get mine hydro tested but I will keep that place in mind as that is the cheapest I have ever heard of. Thanks for the great info
I get mine hydro tested at Acme fire equipment. They're in the I-25 / South Nevada area. They're about $28 to fill though, and with hydro testing, it's well over $50. :(
Ya that's the place you told me about and I have used since. Really nice people so I will probably get mine tested there and filled one last time before I go to the grow place. They charged me 22$ to fill a 10lb tank. Sounds bad compared to the grow place.

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