SOLD CO, 1975 FJ40

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
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Solid NA rig Aug '75 born on date. Engine 2F037531. Titled OR, AZ now CO showing 28,600 actual miles. Lots of patina with original Toyota floor mat, tool bag, jack and manual. No rot some surface rust. Like new Warm 8274 on HFS front bumper. Engine bay very clean in excellent condition.
including emissions/ smog components. AZ owner did top of engine overhaul, suspension, birfs, 4 speed tranny & transfer case. Starts w/o fail and runs strong.

Top / roof refurb last summer with OEM packing weatherstrip, epoxy sealer on fiberglass and Cygnus single stage by Landlocked Boat & Fiberglass in Ft. Collins. Drip rail refurbish and headliner. Now water tight. Front and rear heaters restored and fans blow heat. All gauges, wipers, lights work. Not horn. Wiring solid and newly installed non-NA Toyota OEM fogs w/ Coolerman harness. All fresh fluids including coolant and brake flush. Original drum brakes.

Lots of extras. More photos per PM $36,500




Currently showing 28,592 on odometer and copy of title transfer OR to AZ 27,077 in 2016 then my title transfer AZ to CO in May 2020 w/ 28,150 miles both state A - actual mileage. All I can verify regarding records I have regarding mileage. Original floor mat appears lightly traveled…

Never was a fan of the truck mirrors but that’s how I found it. Easy remove and swap just not a priority. Have two sets of Toyota hinge Mount mirror arms with round head mirrors as well as full set new OEM windshield mount adjustable arms and rectangular mirrors for next steps. Lots of old school extras Including roof rack. Will post couple more photos and can supply over 100 detailed photos w/ Google photos album. Just need email


Extras include Bestop bikini top and soft side doors, rear panel for off top roafing. Roof rack, mirror sets, new OEM distributor ignition kit (cap, points etc), complete weather strips for top glass seals, original tools and couple of crank handles, tool bag, jack handle etc. More
Nice looking truck!
Best of luck with sale.
Nice looking truck!
Best of luck with sale.





Please forgive my - Stupid Question of the day

Really great looking 40!
In the posted pics the hardtop and doors look to be a much lighter shade of the body color? Is that the lighting in the pics or is that from those not seeing as much sun over the years? (like being in storage??)

Great question. I call it 10 shades of gra eige. I haven’t done any exterior paint / finish other than the top / roof and the sidesteps. Cygnus white on top and dune beige Toyota 416 on the sidesteps. Those sidesteps are new Toyota OEM that I bought from a dealership then painted. (I have the old originals in the stash for new owner). The sidestep 416 matches the doors and the sides of the top. So all other paint / finishes are PO applied.

The PO in AZ did awesome work iMHO. In the engine bay all dune beige 416 from my eye and his explanation. Painted 3+ yrs ago. Looks show quality to me. The side panels on the top and the doors are original paint from PO understanding and my experience with this rig over the past 3 yrs. I wouldn’t touch them personally. The hood has a very baked patina on it. I really like it and wouldn’t touch it. The rest of the lower halve…front fenders, below the doors, back fenders have patina but I’ve considered taking a diluted CLR mixture and Scotchbright pad to them to expose the original paint. Never got around to it.

My assumption is the the top and doors spent a majority of time in a garage / storage…Just an assumption. The ambi doors same assumption. Guessing a PO decades ago sprayed a cheap top coat to try and spruce up the bottom half and it aged much differently. A mystery and then the side stripes I really like but make it a bit more difficult to do a full body paint attempt. Long story…sorry wish I knew for sure

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