Clutch master cylinder rebuild RTH

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Jul 19, 2004
Richmond, VA

I am in the process of rebuilding my clutch master cylinder and I can't get the piston out of the housing to save my life. The push rod, snap ring and washer have been removed. The piston seems that it is hitting a internal lip or shelf in the housing that will not let it pass to be removed. Any insight would be most appreciated.

Clutch master cylinders are not really worth rebuilding. By the time the seals wear out, the inner metal bore often has corrosion damage as well.
You can get a brand new Aisin (OEM.. exact same as Toyota) for $28.89 at
& you'll get a shiny new resevoir and cap too!
I agree with Output - however, if you're already at it, you might try compressed air to force the piston out. And the cylinder needs to be lightly honed or it's not gonna last very long. And, you should prolly replace the slave, too, as they always seem to go out in pairs and you'll save the time and cost of fluid and bleeding.

The piston is prolly hung up on a lip greated by wear in the cylinder... Even more reason to change it.
Thanks guys. I went ahead and purchased a new aisin due to the low cost. However I wanted to use the OEM rebuilt kit I bought from Onur a while back as a spare. This was an OEM unit no older than 6-8 yrs old. I replaced the slave at the same time.

So, theoretically should the piston just fall right out?
IIRC all that's holding it is that internal snap ring.

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