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Apr 14, 2004
Chances are pretty good that I am going to miss the next club meeting. I figured I would post some of the highlights of last Thursday's TLCA BOD meeting in the hopes that someone here would pass it along to the rest at the meeting.

TLCA Pres Alan Loshbaugh started off with the announcement that our Web person Liz would be leaving her position. She is still interested in working with TLCA on a possible new online forum, but decided to step down from this post. Our current Marketing VP Matt Farr had previously applied for Liz's position, and has now been nominated for it. Eric Vogt has stepped forward to take Matt's place in Marketing.

EVP Eric Christiansen reported on the progress of getting all of the sanctioned runs sanctioned. A new run has been added by the Cottonland Cruisers, the Southern Cruiser Crawl October 13-15th. Rising Sun has requested insurance coverage for a Rally in CO, and the White Trash has requested coverage for a Family Reunion in Elwood the July 4th holiday

AVP Nick Stone reported on a couple of bylaws changes. One was a housekeeping change regarding our voting format, which was changed to reflect our new teleconferencing. The other was to clear up the language regarding Associate Members and create a separate class of Affiliate Members for cruiserheads in Europe and elsewhere that have requested to be a part of TLCA. A dues structure and rules for mailing the TT were discussed.

Matt Farr went over a few things that have been bouncing around on the Marketing Committee. TLCA will be moving forward shortly with a few ads on Ebay offering membership in TLCA. Discussion has been 'interesting' on picking the search words, as well as for the ad copy.

Todd Kaderabek, the Editor of the Toyota Trails suggested that we consider adding some merchandise to our catalog using the logo that was developed for the 30th anniversary of TLCA, said logo being featured in the Jan/Feb TT. This idea was very well recieved.

Administrator Jennifer Lorincz indicated that the new arrangements with ANC are pretty well done. Jan/Feb TT is available for purchase from ANC, and they should have a new Homepage available by the 1st of March. If you have any ideas for TLCA badged merchandise that you think ANC should carry, you should let me, or someone on the board know.

Advertising chair Chris Hatfield reported that Chris Geiger's new company Trail Gear has agreed to advertise in the Trails, along with a vendor whose name I forgot that is handling the parabolic springs.

That was the jist of it.

23 views and no complaints or comments. I guess that's a good thing.:)
What happend to the marketing/membership campaign? Volunteered and expressed some interest and never heard another word about it. Did it go to the back burner?
What happend to the marketing/membership campaign? Volunteered and expressed some interest and never heard another word about it. Did it go to the back burner?

Mark, you might want to get in touch with Eric Vogt about that, since he's in charge of the committee. I couldn't really say much beyond that. If you've got some ideas, you're welcome to share them with me, or on one of the other TLCA forums as well.


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