Cliffs this Sunday May 23

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Oct 26, 2005
Chicago, IL
If anyone want to join last minute, I'll be wheeling all day this sunday with a regular group of wheelers (they have all sizes and types of vehicles) Anyone that feels like they have nothing better to do should come out! just as a side note people who think their rig is not 100% ready, NO ones rig is ever ready! just go out and run anything.

"If its fixable, BREAK IT !"
I'm not breaking my junk a week before PYS and I'm boycotting the Cliffs until they remove all the mud.

so negative
He would wheel a subaru, but he wont wheel a fj62 or a 3rd gen 4runner.:hmm: This logic is all wrong

Some day you'll understand.

and big red has been dialed in since january! Which prolly means it will break at Washita. :rolleyes:

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