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Jan 1, 2011
Durango Co
So I installed new rotors thinking that my drivers side left was warped and thats why the pad kept grabbing and clicking with every rotation. But it's still doing it. I think the anti rattle clip is there, is it the thin wire that goes through both pins? If so what else could it be maybe a shot caliper? I tried new pads also. Thanks for any input. Here's a pic of her at the lake this afternoon.
Oh yeah and the good news is my compressor that was leaking after I got hosed at the shop and had to put 3lbs of R12 in it. Well I guess those seals that were leaking on the front and back of the compressor just had been dry so long once they had a day or two of use sealed right up. No more leak and cold cold air!
Not sure what you have but could be stuck piston. Have you tried pulling wheels up front and watching as the pedal is engaged? Hint I have 2 good stands and should be in town this week end because it's too **** hot to go camping where I was going. Give me a call..EW

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