cleaning out the gas tank...

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Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
What is the best way to clean the gas tank and lines? I'm pulling the tank, but are there any particular solvents which would make this task easier? My wagon has been sitting for about a year and I'm getting ready for the V8 swap starting this week.

Thanks in advance,

Call around to radiator my area the will still clean them out for you. Just make sure it's drip dry.
i had a radiator shop clean an old motorcycle gas tank. they got enough of the rust that i wasn't worried, but there was still some surface rust on it and no, i didn't let it sit long enough to rust (installed the day i got it back + filled with gas)

there are coating products out there to encapsulate rust in a gas tank, i think POR makes one, another popular one is Kreem though i've heard as many "i hate it" stories as "i love it" which implies to me it's a finnnicky product. never used either of them

were i to do it again... radiator shop + coating = :D

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