Wanted Clean FJ62 West Coast

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United States
Hey all, looking for the 'unicorn' no rust / well serviced and maintained FJ62. I'm willing put into the interior, but focused on something that has a very straight body.

Looking for a daily driver automatic FJ62. Open to different colors.

I'm in Portland, OR but willing to travel for the right car.

My budget is flexible for how much work has been done and how much still needs to be done.

I'll keep an eye on this forum and CL, please reach out if you have something off market or plan to post soon.

Cheers, Matt
Check out bringatrailer.com. There was one today that did not meet reserve that looked to be in pretty good shape.
Pm sent
I have a restored daily driver, in great shape and runs well. I've been thinking about selling it... will send you message.
Matt, I just dropped the price of mine to $10k. Gimme a call or shoot me a text if you're interested. 512-SixFiveNine-7245

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