CLC Volunteer work day with the Forest Service

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Oct 20, 2006
Monument, CO
Colorado Land Cruisers has arranged a Volunteer work day with Pike National forest service on a couple of trails between Woodland park and Divide on Sunday June 14th. We'll be working on the following:

1) Extract what is left of a 91 Toyota truck. It is off the side of an ATV trail. If some on can bring two rims and tires to put on the front axle it will make it easier. We just need to get it back out to the main road and the forest service will bring a trailer to haul it from there.
2) Close off and re-seed an illegal hill climb area
3) Adopt another road and do general maintenance (signs etc)

The first two are off 357a and the final one is 354. He wants to meet us in Woodland park so we can go up 354 to 357a.

We'll first meet at the Western at 8:00 am on June 14th and leave by 8:30.

David H.
I have 2 spares I can bring that would save everyone from having to haul them from the springs. but, I can't leave them with the forest service as they are my "backing into the garage" tires. I have no extra lug nuts.
I was going to take my ATV out to the Toyota today and take some pictures but I didn't get done with my honey-do's so I didn't make it. I will try to get out and look for it some time this week. I will post up pictures if I find it.

Either way I plan on being there on Sunday June 14th.
How many are plannning to attend this Sunday the 14th, for our CLC Volunteer work day with the Forest Service in Woodland Park.

OK David, I am going to need another hint to find the 91 Toyota pickup that is off the side of an ATV trail off 357A. I have driven 357A, 357B, parts of 354 and the ATV trail 717A but have not found a 91 Toyota?

I took the ATV out for a 90 minute ride this evening. Sure is fun to ride the trails when no one else is out there. My ATV with me on it weighs about 850 lbs and getting airborn at 30 mph off the water bars is a blast.
count me in sunday.

chuck, you must have passed that toyota while you were turning up a beer, lol. too hard to see around those blue boar bottles.........
I think the forest service didn't want to release the location of some possibly free toyota parts to a toyota club........I was thinking I might need the rear axle that truck probably has..........:D
Don't get to concerned about who called dibs on the rear axle, there was a reason he said we only need to bring two rims and tires with lug nuts.
I was just messing around. I figure theres not much of anything worth anthing left anyhow.

As for the scrap, there might be some issue with insurance or theft.
I'm thinking someone beat all of us to it and the whole thing is gone.
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Not much to play on other than FS roads. Part of 354 was washed out and sort of a steep climb that used to be fun before the bull dozer came through a few weeks ago. You can always get some air on the water bars :bounce:
Just talked to Rick with the Forest service they are planning on us being there on Sunday to remove the 91 Toyota. He was asking if we had someone planning to bring a couple of toyota rims with tires and lug nuts to help with the extraction. At the meeting we had a few people say they could bring the toyota wheels. We will need them with tires and lug nuts. We just need them long enough to extract the vehicle and get it out to road where the forest service can bring in a trailer. Do we have someone that is planning to be there bringing them?

He also had a couple of other projects for us depending how many people show up and how long it takes to remove the abandon vehicle.
I am bringing the tires and rims. my brakes went out Wednesday and I just finished installing a new master cylinder, I know it's late but if anyone reads this between now and then, bring some lug nuts. If no one shows up with extra lugs I figure we can spare one or two from each truck until we reach the road?

My lugs are no good to anyone as they are the "mag" style internal lugs as opposed to the standard "acorn" style lug most wheels use.

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