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Dec 3, 2002
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To avoid future confusion, the following rules and guidelines cut and paste from Woody's announcement in the general classifieds now apply here. Modified for this section with my comments in green.


1> YOU are responsible for keeping your sale/wanted threads on track...if they get chatty, please DO NOT reply in the thread, but REPORT that post by clicking the icon below the post ...this allows the moderators to come in and clean up the thread without having to clean up your replies. If you are compelled to debate the value of a widget with a chatter in your thread, have at it, but don't expect the moderator to clean it up afterwards.

2> Doesn't function here.

3> Item Location is a MUST...City/State, etc....helps buyers know about where you are located so they can be sure they are capable of delivery. least specify whether you're willing to ship and the terms.

4> PRICES are strongly recommended...if you are selling it here, POST A PRICE...if you want people to bid on it, post it on EBay and link it here....If you want to trade, say so. If you are a "buyer" and feel the need to comment on a price with no intent to buy, keep it to yourself or PM the seller. As a buyer or seller there is adequate information (easily searched) in the classifieds and regular section to establish a price point for yourself.

5> Please be sure to include a COMPLETE DESCRIPTION....don't assume the air cleaner includes the filter, the rims include the tires, etc....none of us are mind readers

6> SOLD items...once your stuff sells, make a last post stating that it it sold AND edit your original post as well....keeping all this stuff accessible is a great history for folks when it comes to price comparisons, so threads will NOT be deleted.

7> New Products and Businesses....the general Personals Classifieds is not intended for items that you made or purchased for resale...the Merchandise Storefront portion of the Classifieds is specifically setup for the 'small sales' type businesses and is FREE to all businesses - please post your products there.
Please feel free to announce early cruiser products, or request input on products in the regular FJ25 section.

8> Feel free to post a link to relevant Craigs List, Ebay or other classified ads. Please state if it's your ad or not.


iTrader is a quick and easy way for a Buyer or Seller to provide transaction feedback. The rating you select and the short comment you provide are useful for others as they choose who to do business with on the forum.

If you have received feedback, you have the option to return feedback. If you disagree with the feedback you have received, click the 'report' button and the Administrators will review. (Note that only registered forum members with over 10 posts can give feedback)

Basic Instructions:
1> copy the ad thread title/url from your browser address bar (highlight, ctrl-c)
2> click the users feedback number
3> click 'submit feedback'
4> complete the questions - use ctrl-v to paste the url

For a summary of all iTrader ratings, check

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