Class VI roads / stock run trails in NH

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Sep 27, 2008
SF Bay Area, California
So haven't posted since my elocker thread, more on that coming soon, thanks again for all the help / good deals on parts guys-

Question for now: Anyone have info on the stock runs of past two Fall Gatherings or similar?

Acquired an 89 4runner and now that I have two vehicles want to get some of my friends into 4wheeling as well as test out new truck. Figure with two if I have traction issues can at least use tow strap or get a ride out :)

I know someone took a GPS log of at least one of the stock runs in past couple years, he had a new yellow FJ.

Any advice on where to go within a few hours of Cambridge, MA would be appreciated. Can PM me if ya want, think I remember some rational for not posting trail stuff directly on the forum.

I'd like to go tomorrow, having just done fluids and all that on the new truck, so would be much appreciated if someone is still up and got back to me tonight / in the morning.

[meaning this is where i wanted to post] chhhh yesterday was long day. hope to hear from soneone, be psyched to get new truck out for at least a few hours. anyone else going out on stock friendly today?
If you are a member of Yankee Toys, you are a member of NEA4WDC.

Check out their website:

Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs

The Map VI Project is a signature program of the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. that was conceived by Shane Beard & Scott Hatch.

There is a list and description of the class VI trails, however, access may be restricted.

You may need to contact Scott to gain access.

Not a member, our annual meeting is coming up.
Thanks Joe-
I've signed up for an account on nea4wd and emailed Scott about access. I've also joined ExploringNH as it seems they have some good information as well. Anyone here part of ExploringNH or know of an event they're having that might be suitable for mostly stock trucks like mine? I'll keep my eye on their site as well, but if I've wheeled with anyone that's part of that organization it'd be nice to get access to their maps sooner rather than later :)


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