Christmas Tree Cutting Program 2017 After Action Review (1 Viewer)

Dec 21, 2005
Monument, CO
The Forestry is holding an after action review at the end of the month. They are looking for suggestions, comments and concerns about the tree cutting program.

If you have some comments or suggestions you’d like to make either post them here (which might be a good idea to get others thinking about new possibilities), send me a PM or send an email directly to Rick Ellsworth ( I’ll compile all the comments and get them to Rick. Please submit your comments by the evening of the 26th. I’ll be compiling everything on the 27th.

Next year the fee goes up to $20 per tree. They are looking for suggestions about what to do with the money, as it relates to the Christmas Tree Cutting Program.

Here’s some possible ideas:
  • Fuel reimbursement for volunteers on the weekends.
  • Limiting the number of people allowed to cut on a specific day. For example, only allow 1,000 people to cut trees each day on the first weekend.
  • Extending the cutting area. Down Mt. Herman Rd.? Between Rainbow Gulch and Rampart Reservoir?
  • Additional signage.
  • Use some money to repair social routes created during the program.
Rick said they are interested in hearing about any concerns that you may have regarding the program.

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