Choke Cable bracket

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May 22, 2006
NW Valley
Looking for a picture of the choke cable bracket that bolts up to the carb for my '78. The PO mangled this one up when he rigged a rochester carb in. I've spent a great deal of time getting this 2F/Toyota Carb installed and back to as original as possible condition. I'd like to see how the factory bracket is oriented so I can try to reshape this one or fab a new one. Better yet if someone has extra I'd love to acquire it.

Does anyone still have there original choke cable bracket(s)? This is one of the last things I need to get my Piggy back on the road. As you can tell I'm very anxious to have her road worthy after all this work and was hoping to get this done this weekend.

The true problem is that the choke cable comes straight out of the fire wall but the choke actuator lever on the carb works on a plane 90 degrees to that line (parallel with the firewall). I just need an idea on how to get the cable routed 90 degress without kinking, bending or binding. Maybe I'm missing another bracket too. Checked my FSM's and the parts BOMs on $OR and nothing shows these parts.

Pighead does not have the bracket for such a new '55 as yours....but can assert that his ('74ish) choke cable makes a similar 90 degree bend before it reaches the carb.
The choke cable does not seem to mind at all.

...for a pic of the link between the manual choke cable and the carb, need to see how the choke cable attaches to the carb.

I could rig it up easily but would rather do it right; thanks

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