chinese ATV 125cc i bought one. don't pick on me . (1 Viewer)

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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
I thought i would post up for all to see. i bought this for my girls to ride around the yard on tao tao 125cc. i no it is not a two wheeler also ,we'll see how long it lasts . max vehicle load including rider and cargo is 132lbs :doh: no wonder these things will fall apart. so far so good it seems to run fine .its nice to see that the carb was made in japan :grinpimp: here are some pics

1 (Medium).JPG
2 (Medium).JPG
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4 (Medium).JPG
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two more pics

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and our other bikes first pic the wife with my dad or grandpa

HPIM0820 (Medium).JPG
HPIM0819 (Medium).JPG
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and where they got started 12volt .Power wheels overvolted .running 18 volts through the motors .
the power wheels went great on 18 volts. :grinpimp:

IMG_1773 (Medium).JPG
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pic of the girls .pics are two years old .they are a bit bigger and older now .

HPIM1076 (Medium).JPG
HPIM1077 (Medium).JPG
Im sticking with Yamaha. IF you keep it on the trails your fine from what Ive seen, in the woods they go quickly and parts are hard to find. MIke
parts are not an issue in my area we are lucky enough to have two suppliers in our area with store fronts that stock tons of parts and they have been selling these things since 2001 so there will be parts avaialble for me ...........

yamaha would be nice . but there wasn't any around .this will be good for a couple of years . it was only $575 i just have to keep my boy off of it
update still going strong .
chinese quad update tao tao 125cc

it finally broke down .carb plugged ,ripped it all apart tried cleaning while opening it and it ripped ,literally tore the carb apart.
carbs are sealed from the factory and would not open .
got a new rebuildable one from ebay $19 bucks and all was good again .
otherwise it is still working . i also got an aftermarket cdi box with no rev limiter so it goes a bit better now . :lol:

pic below of my youngest . i know she is not wearing appropriate quading atire also

only things i have done so far have been oil changes and a valve adjustment
the front bumper plastic cover also smashed off.

IMG_1936 (Large).jpg
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bump quad still going strong
bump 6 years later ,quads are still working .
this past year me and a buddy have been buying and selling everybody's used and non functioning kids quads (Craigslist)
we don't pay more than $60 bucks for the machines (the ones we buy) . fix them up and usually flip them for around $250-300 bucks .
that being said we are in Canada and these things are still pricey up here . so people usually pay our prices . our latest find was this adult one 233cc got it for $150 . too bad these machines have such a pad reputation
,i think these these little machines are a great bang for your buck .
as long as you aren't beating on them .great for just cruising the back roads .
parts are cheap and most non-functioning machines is usually just a plugged carb or a dead or missing battery . . pics .
of our machines we had collected for awhile all the small ones have sold .90CC and under .i have kept the two 125CC ones and the adult 233cc one .fun machines for the price . :cheer:


1a (Large).JPG

1b (Large).JPG

3 (Large).JPG

4 (Large).JPG

6 (Large).JPG
if anybody decides to buy some of these defunct ones and fix them up ,
all i can say is make sure the body plastic is good and the tires ,
these parts are expensive .all the rest of the parts are cheap usually under $10 bucks .
throttle cables ,carbs, brake master ,battery all cheap and usually all that gets broke or worn out oh and the light / starter switch .all cheap
and quick fixes . :cheers:

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