China Wall this Sunday afternoon 26th

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Sep 10, 2008
I'll be heading out this Sunday afternoon with the whole family, dog and my trailer. This will be the first "trail" run with the trailer and I want to see how it tracks and handles. Luke said he'll come along so come on out if you're up for it. Meet at the Western gas station at 1:00 pm. Please post up if you're coming so we know who to expect. -- Leon
Yes that's the Western... looks like a great day :cool:
We had a good turn out for this trip. I think we had seven trucks, nine adults, eight kids and one dog on this trip. Leon's LX450, Andy's mini truck, Luke's 4Runner, Justin's 4Runner, Ray's FJ80, Mike's Bronco and my FJ60. It started out warm and partly sunny and ended up with snow at the end.
That was a lot of fun, I have been out to china wall three times already this year--once for picnic, once to camp, and once for our club trail ride--but all in a stock hight vehicle! First time the 4runner has made the trip, It felt good to not have to pass up all the hard obstacles this go around. :D

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