MUDShip Cheyenne, WY to Rock Springs, WY - Need One Pallet-Load Transported

Jul 24, 2007
Mooresville, NC
I received two separate quotes from Fastenal for a 48" x 40" pallet with two RHD 80-series axle housings (with locked third members) strapped to it. Unfortunately, since Fastenal's Blue Lane Freight does not span the Continental Divide, that leaves me having to get them from Fastenal in Cheyenne (707 E Fox Farm Rd #1) to Fastenal in Rock Springs (1513 Elk St.)

Weight approx. 600 lbs. total I estimate (no hubs/brakes/axles). Overhang about 8"/side beyond length of pallet.

Axles start their journey 30 miles out of Portland OR (97058), and need to get to me at in NC (28115). Fastenal's Blue Lane Freight 'West Zone' covers the west side of the Rockies-westward, and their 'East Zone' covers the east face of the Rockies-eastward, but with no overlap. Thus the need for two quotes: one from Oregon to Cheyenne, WY, the other from Rock Springs, WY to Mooresville NC. Cost of the two legs, is right around $600.

This may already be a non-starter, but I'm just wondering if there exists a 'Mudder in the area who's planning a trip that way with room in his/her truck bed or trailer who may offer an affordable solution.

My timing is flexible, but I'd need to book the first leg around the transporter's schedule to avoid incurring outrageous storage fees at Fastenal in Cheyenne. PM is preferred.

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