Check Engine Light never comes on

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Mar 5, 2022
San Diego

I used the search and all I got was check engine light never on - which isn't the same problem as me. (He didn't even have a check engine light)

Well the CEL is never coming on. Not in the ON position or anything. I removed the instrument panel but it looks like the bulb is behind another circuit board, but before I remove that circuit to get to the bulb – I wanted to check to see if there's anything a previous owner could have done to turn off the CEL forever?

I'm in California so I need the stupid bulb for SMOG Check.

Update for anyone in the future. The bulb was burnt out.

To replace follow the video here. You'll need the bulb from Toyota, its not the same one as the "D", but might as well get than one while you're in there.

Once you have the instrument cluster out, you'll need to remove the 6-8 bolts that hold the circuitry on the right hand side. I didn't disconnect anything just had a friend hold it for me while I used needle nose pliers to remove the bulb and put in the new one.

All in all about 30 min ordeal.
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