Chapel Hill to Burlington to Pittsboro Area Meeting - 9am December 16th @ Saxaphaw General Store

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Jan 4, 2011
Pittsboro, NC
Saxapahaw General Store at 9 AM on 12/16
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We are talking "early" AM on SAT - like 8-9 AM.
Well Saturday I'm flexable I just watch the kids so I'll bend to whatever you guys wanna do.
All - I did this quick and forgot we have the Xmas Party Dec 2nd. Dec 2nd is NOT available.
OK - Looks like 12/16 is our date. Will leave the poll open for a few more days.

Let's plan to meet at Saxapahaw General Store at 9 AM on 12/16 unless things change drastically before. Recommend parking just west of the Haw River brewery, but open spaces can be hard to find. We may want to meet down below in the big field if things are busy there still at 9 AM. I will do a 8:30-9:30 AM "recon" in the next few weeks to see.

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In the other post, most wanted a coffee / breakfast as people have pm activities, etc.

We are early risers out West here - - got chores to do, chickens to feed, fencing to keep the Alpaca's in, etc.
If you haven't been to Saxapahaw at all, then it will be fun, especially for kids. You can take a walking trail down by the Haw - walk around the Mill and check it out . . see the overpriced lofts, etc.

I always find the General Store "stinky" with oil smells and etc., but the food there has been really good.

The butcher shop has some cool stuff, but it is pricey.

There is a lot to do here, to include the music, the Ballroom, The Eddy, Haw River Farmhouse Ales, the island, etc.

If you haven't had RanLew Cream Top chocolate milk, you should try it, too - it is out there. Has a thick layer of cream at the top - even if you shake it up, it is like drinking butter :)
I think I'm in. On the bike I'm sure. I'll ask @MaryTandra

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