Chapel Hill to Burlington to Pittsboro Area Breakfast

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Sep 13, 2014
Huntsville, AL
We had a pretty good turn out last month for Breakfast at the Saxaphaw General Store. @weejub has a little bit going on so I told him I would post up Breakfast for January. I'd really like to see this become a monthly thing.

Unless theres a better suggestion, Let's plan to meet at Saxapahaw General Store at 9 AM on Saturday, January 13th

@Hokie LX
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Subscribing.... I might be down for a trip out that way..> As long as some wheeling afterwards can be found :)
Yup, I'm down for this. Count me in.

Not sure if the entire family will be there or not. We'll see.
I'm out this round, but subbed for the future.
I'm coming, but will probably be there a bit later again.
Undecided at this point. 9am was pretty early last month and most people didn't get there till 10 it seemed anyway :lol:
The Jones family will be there.
To those who are coming, you are in for a treat. This place has some amazing breakfast.
I'm out. Have to put the new coolant reservoir bottle in moonshine tomorrow am because it's raining tonight.
1735 Saxapahaw-Bethlehem Church Rd, Saxapahaw, NC 27340

I am out - cleaning out the new workshop and continuing to move stuff around prepping stuff for the move and new biz on Feb 2 :\
I should be able to make it since I will already be in the vicinity picking up parts to prep the LX450 for the rubicon.
Great seeing Everyone!

Great turnout. It was nice seeing everyone again. Abbie throughly enjoyed herself.

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I'm sorry I missed it this time around. Work got in the way. :frown:
I hope we do it again next month.

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