Changing Free Wheeling Hubs to Fixed Hubs

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Jul 22, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Now this may seem strange - but I have a three vehicles (well the third will be here sometime this century...:doh:) with free wheeling hubs (which I wouldn't have thought would have been how they came).

I want to change at least one of them to fixed hubs. I have a set of covered "T" Hub Caps that I would like to use on one and a new set of the seventies hub caps with the hole (In the Boxes) for the other.... Yes I know everyone will take the "T"s off my hands but lets concentrate for a second :lol:.

I am fairly mechanically challenged so you may need to give me the explanation like I am a six year old.

So the info I need is - pertaining to both 25 and 40.

1. Is this a major thing to change back?
2. What is the level of difficulty to do this? E.g. I can do it - rating out of ten mechanically a 2
3. How difficult is it to get the necessary parts as it appears they are thrown away as a regular occurrence?
4. Did they come originally with free wheeling hubs? (Being all three are different) There are a couple of photos of the 40 linked below.

Fifth to all off this is none of the 16" rims I have have the clips for the hub caps - is there any dimensions or repro clips available that can be attached to the rims?.

Cheers Dobster
Fifth to all off this is none of the 16" rims I have have the clips for the hub caps - is there any dimensions or repro clips available that can be attached to the rims?.

Cheers Dobster
would pm Soenke see:
are you planning to get the entire rim with the clips to hold the hubcabs? You cannot get the clips from Toyota anymore either.

They have been listet seperatly from the rims in the beginning but then they have been discontinued, later with the J4 they had no own partnumber beeing included in the rim.

I´am working on getting these clips rebuild just now...

or if you can get old used clips you can fix them in this way:

Its a 1 banana job I think. I have the parts you need too.

coarse spline drive flanges
Bolts with split washers

Got a 12mm socket? Got snap ring pliers? Thats all you should need to swap the locking hubs with drive flanges.
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Hey Mike how early did Toyota use cone washers? I remember having to remove them from a early steering arms. The later drive plates use them as well.
No problem, you can handle it. Getting the spring clip off the end of the axle shaft is the hardest part.

The drive plates should have two dowels or studs. They usually stick in either the hub or the flange when it comes off. I'll take a picture of the parts you'll need, you should be able to find them locally.
The 40 front wheel and Hub

So here is a photo of my forty's front hubs.

From Fox's decription take the front of the Warn hub off and replace with the parts pictured.

This hub seems to sit out a long way and I'm not sure it will achieve the goal of getting the Hub Caps on. Is this a longer sleve that can be removed?
Hub for IH8MUD.jpg
The sleave you have is part of the hub. Once you remove the six bolts and spring clip off the whole thing will come off.
Yep, both of those pieces are removed. As John said, remove the six bolts...........


Remove the outer piece of the hub (the part you have labeled "remove and replace"). This will come off with a spring and some type of gear attached to it, if it's attached to the outer piece of the hub it will all come out.

Next to remove is the piece you have labeled as "sleeve". To do this you will need to remove the spring clip on the end of the axle stub. You can usually do this with a couple tiny straight screwdrivers.

Remove the sleeve and that is the face you will be bolting the drive flange too. Here is picture of what you will have left:
Excellent!! :D

I'll have a look at this and let you know. All makes good sense.

Mike - PM'd re the parts.

Thanks for the assistance.

Cheers Dobster
Now this may seem strange

In other forums it may seem strange but not here. I went looking for drive plates. I think when these were new and problaby DDs it made sense to have lock out hubs. But like me you have some that are just toys and going back to stock doesn't seem strange. Of course you do realize your going to lose some of the Land Cruiser's great gas/petrol mileage:rolleyes:

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