changed O2 sensor, now won't crank. HELP!

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Sep 5, 2007
alright guys i need some help. bought this truck last july. has ran great since i bought it. the p.o. rebuilt the engine right before i bought it. its an 88.

the o2 sensor had been out of it since i bought it and the CE light had been coming on the whole time. so i put in a Beck Arnley splice in sensor in, the p.o. had but the plug off, and there was another splice in sensor in too. when i went to crank the truck, nothing. turns over like a champ but will not crank.

could it be coincidental that my fuel pump has gone bad at the same time and was throwing the code along with the bad o2 sensor? when i turn the key on i cannot hear it prime.

this is my dd and i need to try to get it running by tuesday.
There is a common issue that when the O/2 sensor wires come in contact with the hot exhaust and melts the wires it would blow the main EFI fuse under the hood. Maybe there was already a short in the wiring or something that caused it to blow when you plugged in the new sensor. Check your EFI fuse under the hood.
Make sure you didn't pull the airflow plug or coil wire out when you were wrenching on the O2 sensor.
you got it toyminator! efi fuse. wired in the new sensor still get a check engine light though.
what does the code say?

in my experience, splice in O2 sensors are nothing but trouble... it's worth the money for an exact fit replacement.... such as one from Toyota, aftermarket Denso, or NTK

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