Center Console

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Aug 20, 2004
A balanced city
Hey has anyone built there own?? Or is Tuffy the only way to go?? I had a Tuffy but sold it and now need to put something in....Just wonderin what others have done....I am thinking about a nic wood one built like a nice cabinet with stain and the lovely wood grain...
You could always go to a military surplus and start with a ammo can. Just measure what you need and get close, that can give you a starting box and then you can decide how to mount it (drill holes through it is probably the easiest).
I have seen pics of home-made center consoles on the forum. Some made with wood, some with metal. Pretty sure they are on this with "tuffy" and you'll probably be able to find them.
Hey that plywood console turned out pretty cool looking....are all of your door pannels wood??? Do they rattle???what is your opoinion of them?? would you do it again??
Check out Matt's thread in the 45 section he just finished making the metal portion of his center console for his LV. He is using a fj62 rear heater. Something different, although I think most people go with tuffy.

Personally I dont have an issue with my stock 62 console.
I will hopefully make it to that page of Matt's build but am many pages behind...
calfj60 said:
I will hopefully make it to that page of Matt's build but am many pages behind...

:) Yeah I found it probably 6 mo ago so it took awhile then to read it and catch up! It was recently if you want to jump ahead. If not I understand. its liek a documentary and you dont want to spoil the ending :)
I was very good about reading it then I sold my 45lv and lost interest for a while...but am now even more interested than I was please don't spoil the ending for me....
those wood door panels look great. nice idea.
The guy I bought it from put the door panels on. They have rubber orings on the screws, there is no rattling at all!! I does smell like construction!

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