CB with Loudspeaker

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Jun 11, 2003
United States
CB with PA Loudspeaker and Weather Radio

Selling a nice 40 Channel CB radio with 10 Weather bands and PA Loudspeaker. All it needs is an antenna.

Bought this at Radio Shack many years ago but it in great shape and a high quality unit. Smaller than many it will fit in a single din opening with some room to spare. Shows some small scratches on surface but is in great shape. Has backlit display, rf gain, squelch, emergency channel, PA, weather radio etc.

We used to have fun with this in school as we would hook the PA loudspeaker up to the External Speaker jack instead of PA jack, leave the CB on in one car and then sit across a parking lot in another vehicle with another CB. This way we could talk over a loudspeaker coming out of a parked car with no one in it. It was a real hoot and some of the people passing could not believe a parked car was talking to them.....

This has been sitting around now for too long and I need to clean house.

Selling the CB and Loudspeaker setup for $80.00 shipped.
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