Carpet Differences? (1 Viewer)

May 25, 2020
Washington State, USA
Hello, I have noticed that the carpet construction on the 100 Series seems to differ a little bit. For example, I have a 2000 LX470 that has Poly backed carpet in the front, and Mass Backed carpet in the rear. I checked on a 2006 Land Cruiser, and it is the same setup. However, looking on eBay recently, I saw a carpet set from a 2002 LX470 that was Mass backed for both the front and rear section. Does anybody know why on some models, the front section has different backing material? Here’s a couple pictures of what I am talking about:

First picture shows Mass Backed carpet in both front and rear sections from a 2002 LX470


Second picture shows poly backed carpet from a 2005 LX470


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