Carb Diaphragm Replacement?

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Apr 3, 2007
Long Branch, NJ
Hi guys,

I purchased the FJ60 tune up kit from Cool Cruisers of Texas, and it came with a carb diaphragm. From another tune-up kit, I also have what looks like a carb plunger.

Anyone have any tips on how to swap these parts out? I'm pretty good doing the simple tune-up work and oil changes, but never ventured into opening up the carb.
purchase the 2F engine manual from toyota materials distribution or Specter Off-Road, Inc.-Landcruiser Parts & Accessories. This manual will give you step-by-step procedures for rebuilding the carb. The secondary diaphragm is on the outside of the carb, but besides the diaphragm and gasket (p/n 21645) that is sandwiched between the diaphragm clamshell, there is also a small gasket (p/n 21647) to seal the diaphragm against the body. You will need this gasket, too. To install the accelerator pump (plunger) you will have to take the top of the carb off.

With the air cleaner off, (engine not running) you can work the throttle linkage by hand. You should see gas squirting into the primary bore if the accelerator pump is working.

To test if the secondary diaphragm is working, put a paper clip on the secondary diaphragm linkage tight against the bottom of the diaphragm clam shell. Go out and drive your truck, up a hill if possible, to get the secondary to activate. After the drive, check the paper clip. If it has been pushed down the linkage, then you can assume that the secondary diaphragm is working.

Good luck.

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Well put. Take your time, make sure that you clean thoroughly and blow out all of the lines after it's assembled. Good luck!

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