Carb AWWWWW!!!

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Jan 18, 2005
Magnolia, TX
Today i was drivin back form college (huntsville to houston) and the cruiser is running great, no problems at all. Then i take my exit and when i get to the stop light the BlueBox dies. And i could not get it to start for anything. I sat there for 15-20min then finally got it to crank and barely made it to the parking lot of the road pushing out tons of black smoke.

I have no idea what i could be, Last week i took my old carb that was bad and a friends ok/good carb and we combined them and the combined carb ran great, best i had ever seen my cruiser run.

i have checked all i know what to check, the fuel pump and filter are good, the soliud with the green plug still clicks on, the linkage is good. When i can get it goin and out of 1st gear it tends to run ok and by 3rd and 4th it runs noirmal again.

HELP what can be the problem now it seems i have horrible luck with carbs if you have read my other posts.

PLEASE HELP im only in town till monday and have to drive back t college on monday afternoon at the latest.:confused: :crybaby: :censor: :frown: :mad:
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could there be junk inside the carb? how far up the sight glass is the gas level? have you pulled off the top and checked the bowl?

i wouldnt suspect junk because i just clean and built the carb last week and put only 200miles on it.

the gas in the window is fine.

and what do you mean by check the bowl?
Sounds like your float is stuck, you're definitely getting too much fuel if it's black smoke. You may need to remove the top of the carb, and check the float and needle and seat. If your needle's stuck due to trash in the line, or the float's waterlogged, that could be your problem.
float sounds like some thing worth checking into.

how hard is it to take the air horn assemply off to get to the float and what do i need to check when i get there?
Not hard to get the top of the carb off, you need at least an aftermarket service manual to do this right, without problems. Factory would be better...There are specific measurements for setting the float height..and you may want to remove the float and literally "float" it to make sure it's not waterlogged. My bet is trash in the needle/seat assembly...these are little bitty parts, you don't want to do this under the hood or on the side of the road if possible. Since this came on suddenly, I doubt it's a bad float.
i need to add that when i can get it started i have to throtle it to keep it alive.
ok well after romoving the air horn i found some small metal flakes. i removed them all and cleaned everything with carb cleaner. I also checked all bolts and screws and found a few really loose. i tighted everything and put lock-tight on several. i am still messing with the choke i cant get it to work.
Choke setting should be easy, provided the cable is hooked up and adjusted. Pull the choke all the way out in the cab, go under the hood, loosen the cable housing in the clamp, pull the housing so the choke is shut all the way on the carb. Go back in the cab, push in the choke, it should open all the way. If not, readjust or you need a new cable.

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