Car show today

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
Anyone going to the car show today in raleigh at the raleigh grand? Will probably be out there around 11 for a little bit.
Wow that sucks I am stuck at work today it would be nice to meet and greet with some of the other landcruiser owners in NC.
Friend sent these.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425138927.432303.jpg
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425138939.566853.jpg
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425138950.894616.jpg
Nice I wish I didn't have to work today I would have tried to make it up to the show. There are some nice older rides up there
McLaren p1 and 2 McLaren 650s starting up and leaving when we got there. The sounds were incredible.
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That's awesome. Wish I was there to see and hear them. You see any pigs out there or any other series of cruiser?
Blue car is a p1. 1.2m.
Was there with Will. Sorry we missed you.
Some other pics. Snow and salt kept most of the big boy toys away.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425266823.419177.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425266835.707174.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425266849.482332.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425266866.507140.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425266884.048585.jpg

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