Cape Cod Gathering

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Aug 22, 2011
Mystic, CT
Hey Guys,
I'm heading out to the Cape for a couple weeks in August with my family. This year I'm taking my FJ40. I will be out in the Harwich area. I believe that there are a couple of cruise nights in Orleans. If anyone is around and they want to grab a beer or just chat cruisers please reach out. If anyone knows an area to do a little wheeling I'm down with that too.
Wednesday August 17 is the Cruise Night/Block Party in Orleans. Its hosted by the Orleans Fire and Police Department. Starts at 6:30 but I would be there at 6:00 if you want to bring your car.
Sounds like fun... I'm a cape born cruiser owner too but not sure if I could get my butt up there (I'm way over due tho for a visit) nor get dog care as its hard to cop a spot to sleep at any of my relatives places cuz most are anti dog. There are some dirt roads in my hometown of Wellfleet. I managed them a number of years ago in my beater Nissan sedan that a year later were crazy washed out but maybe are better now. Email me and I could try to direct you. Slough Pond and is very hidden... tho I did spot a big naked guy a ways down from me which made for some big chuckles.

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