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Jul 2, 2002
In case anyone plans to be out on the West coast this summer....

C3 = ≤ 1989

Planning for the 1st (potentially annual) Canadian Clunker Classic is underway and you’re invited to attend. This year, CCC will be starting in Princeton, British Columbia on July 15th and ending up in Mission in time to partake in the Coastal Cruiser’s Cruiser Day on July 20th. Details are still being sorted out, but the following is established:

1. Maximum 10 4x4 equipped vehicles will be included in the official run this year. Thats ten, not 416. Early Bird registration is available on a first come first served basis for all vehicles manufactured in 1989 or before. This includes ANY 4x4 vehicle make, not just Toyota. Early Bird registration runs from April 10th for a grand total of 27 days (1+9+8+9). After this time, subject to the number of available spots, registration will open up to 1990 and newer 4x4 vehicles. Interested individuals with 1990 and newer vehicles are encouraged to add their names to the waiting list as these applicants will also be admitted on a first come first served basis. To register, please submit your vehicle details to ratpuke @ Any last minute cancellations will cause you to forfeit your registration eligibility for eternity. We don’t mess around.

2. We will be running the Whipsaw and other nearby trails. These are suitable for most stock vehicles, although some vehicle modifications including larger than stock tires and a winch is recommended. We can manage if need be if you decide to bring your winch-less stock 1904 Cottamobile, but be prepared for your vehicle to gain some wear and tear. No previous off-road experience is particularly required for the driver; however, if you have no idea how to even lock your hubs, please have that figured out by the time we leave pavement. If you have no idea where to find your hubs and you really want to come, I suggest you email to find out if any co-pilot seats are available. For you more experienced folks, fear not, there are trail options available that will enable you to have some fun as well.

Interested parties are encouraged to email ratpuke @ sooner than later for more information on the planned itinerary and/or to register.

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