Can you identify this model??

Apr 19, 2007
My only car is dead and I need to scramble to get information as fast as I can as I need to buy a new car and dont want to waste it on something I dont want/need. I'm ovbiously more concerned with things to watch out for, but anything positive is good too.
Maybe also your thoughts on this vehicle? Also do these models not have a 5th door at the back? Most of these style always say 4door.
Now what's with the low millage? Seems very suspicious?? I see alot with less then 100k

So I think these are 80 series

Also if anyone could help me out some more. Basically I'm looking for a diesel, perferably left hand drive with a 5th door. What are my options living in Vancouver? I have searched and only found land cruisers and 4runners from Japan with a diesel. I'm having trouble digesting all the models and what is available in Canada and what I can import. If anyone can take me under their wing and help me here I dont have much time and I'll soon have to be renting a car to work my ass off so I can buy what I need. But I'm not going to just buy something I dont know everything about.

Also how can I tell if it has diff locks and a center lock??...I think I want those....although I'm not going to be doing crazy rock crawling, just mud sand and hills and dont want to get stuck.

Also the main diff between the 4cyl and 6cyl in terms of fuel milage and power....I dont plan on towing alot and dont need to race, just need to not get stuck in Mexico loaded with surf and camping gear.

If anyone can point me to a site that wont take months of sorting thru to find out what models I should be looking at, as well as maybe a list of good importers....I'm sure there is a list compiled somewhere on here but I can't seem to find it.

Again thank you for any help......I was hoping to have all my research done before my current car bit the dust...but such is life
May 27, 2006
Tempe, Arizona
You have to click a region, then reclick the links.
I'm not too familiar with the JDM models but I'd assume the first is an HDJ81 and the second is a Hilux - a 4Runner.

The first one opens the top and the bottom rear seperately, so I guess you could call it 5 doors. I don't know about the trucks in Japan, but <=92 didn't have front/rear diff locks.

Again, I'm not experienced in models outside the US so wait for someone to correct me :flipoff2:
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Mar 31, 2006
Abbotsford, B.C.
You would be best off to do a great deal more research, particularly on this site. Read, very carefully, the FAQ at the top of the 80 series forum, especially the one that gets into "is an 80 series for me". These are NOT cheap vehicles, and I'm not personally convinced that a diesel series landcruiser is the kind of vehicle that a person who just wants to hop in and drive should buy. I don't know if you are that kind of person or not, but if you are, I'd suggest picking yourself up a used Lexus LX450. You could also consider a LHD imported US 80 series. Although the 80 series FAQ is mainly aimed at the gas models, all the info. is just as true for an imported JDM product, virtually all of which will have diesel engines. However SOME JDM's do come in with gas engines.

There are virtually NO LHD diesels in Canada other than the ones that were sold by Toyota in the 80's OR ones that have had a LHD conversion done (excluding mining trucks and the very occasional rarity). Basically, all your questions will be answered by doing substantial reading. There is some room for opinion as well, but rest assured that a diesel cruiser of relatively recent vintage is by no means a cheap option.

My recommendation: research. Spend time on this site. Make sure you can deal with a vehicle (if you go diesel) where only limited shops can deal with potential problems (which admittedly are few once you have the vehicle in shape). If you decide you can live with these points of interest, I would suggest purchasing an 80 series from Outback or possibly Wayne of Luxury imports in order to minimize risk and downtime.
Feb 6, 2007
Edmonton/ Fort Mac.
I don't know about the trucks in Japan, but <=92 didn't have front/rear diff locks.

Again, I'm not experienced in models outside the US so wait for someone to correct me :flipoff2:

Rear disk brakes and axle lockers were available in JDM 80 series pretty much from the start, my very early (frame number under 700) HDJ81 has both.

I have to agree with Martin as well that a JDM 80 series, especially a low priced one from a possible curber is not the best proposition for a "hop in and drive" vehicle.

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