Can I get some measurements (roll bar location)

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. in San Diego Ca.
I picked up a OEM rollbar for my 197 BJ40.... Not sure if BJs had roll bars...the ones I've seen don' can I get a measurement (I'd guess from the door opening would work best) of where the main hoop is located on the FJs

Thanks. C
On the FJ40 no measurement is required. The main hoop mounts over the front rib on the wheel well and the side hoops fit between the back and second from the back ribs. There are also supports require that were spot welded to top and side of the wheel well. The fixed nuts are welded to these supports.
I just put mine in, my wheel wells aren't stock so i don't have the ribs to go by. 10 1/2 inches back from the door jamb, and 52" between the 2 front plates left to right.

Locations may only be a guideline all my back end was dilapidated.

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