Camper decision

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Feb 6, 2006
Just changed all the fluids on my recently acquired '88 FJ62 in preparation for buying a camper of some type (i.e. Scamp, Casita, etc.). Do I need to add a tranny cooler to pull a 2500 to 3000 lb camper? Are there any other mods that need to be done to a basically stock 62 to make it a better vehicle to tow with? Thanks
I would check the trailering threads in the Outfitting section first, as this topic has been discussed before.

Trailer brakes help. Makins sure your vehicle is in top condition, priceless.
oh man...
i had a scamper trailer i got from a guy who was going to junk it when he moved, because no one wanted it. he used it for hunting in the Pine barrens, smelled like DOG BIG TIME!
steam cleaned it, and my buddies and i used it when we dirt-biked . i actually got 50 bucks for it at a scrap yard. I loved that thing.
oh, and i pulled it with a tired, stock 40.
ages ago.....
2500lbs of trailer is going to make for some painfully slow trailering with a 62. Are you going to be towing over any significant moutain passes? My 1000lb (?) tent trailer is the heaviest thing I'd want to pull with my 60 (Rebuilt engine with a shaved head.) Then again I'm at 5000ft and am frequently driving at 9000 to 10000ft. I'd rec' a test drive with several diffent trailers before commiting to buying one.

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