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Jan 7, 2013
San Diego
Need advice & help. Own a 2000 L.C. w/ 171,000 miles, have changed oil every 3000 miles, is in excellent condition for its age. The only modification I have made under the hood is a Snorkel for the Airflow. I have made many modifications on the exterior of the SUV & Suspension, etc. 1st time I needed to get it smogged for CA registration. It didn't pass, and I am clueless to know why. I didn't have the mechanic do a diagnosis b/c the toyota OEM is reliable and I don't want different parts changed under the hood b/c in my opinion why change toyota reliable parts. Also why would a 2000 LandCruiser that has been taken care of and has had zero problems its entire life, supposedly have a SMOG issue. I think the mechanic was not truthful & that is why I am asking the people I trust here at the IH8MUD Forum. I am lost and do not know what to do except to get it registered in Arizona. Is it possible I will not pass the 2nd SMOG test at a different trusted SMOG check business and why if everything on the SUV has been taken care of and there are no wear issues with the exhaust and catalytic converter, etc. Thank you in advance for anyone's help , experience and advice on this matter.
X2 on printout. Have you disconnected the battery recently?
No I have not disconnected the battery recently. I installed the top of the Line Die Hard battery approx. 8 months ago. There is no report since after the "mechanic" said it didn't pass. He came across as a dishonest and lying person and therefore when he wanted to run a diagnosis test for $150 I left the store and decided to get some trusted and informed info from you all. I just don't see how a 2000 LC can have a SMOG problem when it has run perfect and has been taken care of and regular check-ups, etc. I just don't think it is a good idea to have to replace OEM toyota parts w/ parts that the SUV didn't come with from the factory. "If it is not broken why fix it" My Land Cruiser has never given me a problem in 171,00 miles and I do not want to be the reason for it to start having problems! I appreciate all the advice - it is much needed!
OIS test needed only...obd 2 plug in and that's it for 2000 model year and newer. If you don't have a check engine light and your monitors are set you should be good to go.
Have never had any check engine lights on or any other problem. I apologize but I do not completely understand what you want me to do and where I should take it to have what you suggested done. I am not as knowledgeable as I should be when it comes to under the hood.
"OIS test needed only...obd 2 plug in"
Thank you
I have found a "trusted" test only place. I made all the rookie mistakes my 1st time I got it tested and thought I could trust and would be OK b/c of the vehicle I own and it being it great shape. I got screwed with, so know I am talking to you guys and gals so I don't make any mistakes this 2nd time and that I do whatever I need to do before the test so that it passes. It is a real Pain in the A*^ here in CA w/ SMOG.
I just want to know what questions to ask and what I need to have done to the LC before I retest this week. Thank you everyone!!
OK so if I understand you correctly Zulufoxtrot - ALL I need to do to my LC before the 2nd test at a SMOG only test center is nothing? It should pass as it is?
Semper FI
You could check the obd system to make sure all the readiness monitors are set. Also make sure the check engine light turns on when you turn the key to the on position prior to starting...
I purchased the LC in 2014 - I am assuming the seller needed to have it smogged before i bought it. Now CA wants me to get it Smogged every other year. It seems like it might be worth taking the trip to Arizona where I don't need the SMOG if done it Yuma, AZ and the licedse is good for 5 years. Just my thoughts. Even though I have no problem staying registerered in CA but to go through this Pain IN the Ass every other year is making Arizona very attractive. I am out of the country the majority of the year - I am only in the USA for appox 12 days/year right now w/ all the problems overseas and trying to keep those problems from getting to our shores and the USA. But here is what the Test History said: Thank you again for helping me. Semper FI

Vehicle InformationSTAR Certification RequiredProgram Area YES Enhanced
Test Records
Make Model Year Date / Time Pass / Fail Certificate
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2000 07/21/2016 01:28 p.m. R
TOYOT LAND CRUISER 4WD 2000 07/08/2014 12:48 p.m. P YH472164C
The 7/21 test shows "R=Not Ready" as in one or more of the Readiness Monitors aren't set.

I would pick up an OBDII reader that has the capability to display readiness monitors. Most cars are completely ready within 50 miles of driving but some not even after hundreds of miles. Depending on the particular monitor, you have to drive a certain way to get the monitor to give you the green light.
Thank you very much for everyone's help. It is much appreciated!!
Semper Fi
Now you have to figure out which ready monitor was not set. That will help you understand the next coarse of action.

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