Buying a 55 as a DD?

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Feb 21, 2008
I probably already know the answer to this, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

I've been wanting to replace my '93 Pathfinder DD, with electrical demons and balding tires, with a cruiser for a while now. Now, I don't have a good reason to get a cruiser other then just for the sake of owning one.

I was originally looking at getting a 60 (an 80 is way out of my budget) but i've kinda grown fond of the 55 series. Now, there is a 55 that has been for sale in goldendale, wa for quite some time. I finally decided to ask the seller for more pictures and info about the rig. I got the pictures, but no extra info.
Link to the craigslist ad: TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ55 (REDUCED)

It has been converted to a 350 and SOA sometime in the past.

Now in the pictures the interior is really beat up. There is rust in the usual places, like the drivers side floorboards and tailgate. It is missing the rear seats and most of the paneling, and possibly seatbelts.

Now, I intend to use whatever I buy as a DD. It would need to make it about 500mi back down to k-falls where i'm going to school. I also don't know how to drive stick (yet).

So, that about covers it. How hard do you think it would be to use a rig as described as a slightly worry free form of transportation. I'm well aware that something like this would require extensive work to get looking in pristine condition again.

Let me know if you want to see any of the other pics.
there are better candidates out there for DD FJ55's... try using craig's helper which searches craigslist for aolt of areas at once. there were a number of better FJ55's out there the other day. something stock will likely have less issues, IMO.
After your post I looked and there are a few out there for around $1k.

I'm thinking, I could sell my Pathfinder (I rarely wheel it), buy a little DD and a project rig. Having a car as a DD would also help cut down spending money on gas.
I would recommend exactly what you mentioned, get a cheap DD, and an FJ55 project. It'll be more enjoyable that way...

IMO, if you dont live in a smog state(or area), look for a later FJ55, maybe '76 or later. that way you get discs and a 4 speed trans. If swapping that stuff in is not too much work for you, FJ55's are relatively similar throughout the years in terms of interior and body stuff, so adding discs to a pre 9/'75, or a 4 speed to a pre9/'73, wont be too much trouble.
Any vehicle that needs work is not a candidate for DD status. The more modified it is the more shake down time you need to prove it's reliability. You don't want to get on a first name basis with the AAA operators :) There are a few more things I want to do before I could say that I would not hesitate to take it cross country solo but I could probably use it as a daily driver even now.
That guy has been trying to move that thing for months now. Originally posted it for $5000. Motor is too hot for my taste. Not the best canidate for a DD. The gas alone will clean you out.
For a DD, you'll really need to be sold on the other "quirks" of the 55. I DD mine, with a 3-speed on the floor. Motor is solid, tho, as is the running gear. Interior is fine-- but its drafty, noisy (especially when the muffler detaches :D ) and bumpy. I don't beat anything off the line, and I am used to being buzzed on the freeway as I putt along at 60 MPH. I wouldn't trade it for the world! I'd definitely look for one with more there-interior parts can be uber rare (sunvisors?).
i disagree. buy it and with the fortune you saved from not buying an 80, you can still afford a honda civic to daily drive;)
I think a 55 makes a fine DD, I been doin' it for just over 20 years. It does take a while to work the bugs out, I'm almost there...
They're simple, easy to work on, fun to upgrade and modify. It's slow on the freeway and the hills, adjust your mindset accordingly. Carry tools or a AAA card.
I'd kinda like to test-drive that 55 for sale near to see what 425 hp does for a Pig.
It currently looks like whatever I do, i'll be waiting a while to get a 55. There don't seem to be any for sale around here. The closest one is about 300 miles away. :(
It currently looks like whatever I do, i'll be waiting a while to get a 55. There don't seem to be any for sale around here. The closest one is about 300 miles away. :(

Gotta travel sometimes...then again, it's the getting back in the new/old pig that can be a problem. Think it gets viable at 100 miles for me.
agree totally with Inge; offer the dude a reasonable figure then get a Civic as a DD and save the pig for a project; am using our pig as a DD since the:princess:took over the 60 as her kiddie carrier.............made the mistake of putting in a 3rd row seat thanks to IPOR:frown:

In your shoes & since mileage is *important, I'd look for a DIESEL HJ60 or BJ60. Heck yer right up near Canada anyway. #1 look out for the rust demons. #2 install some comfy seats cuz those prehistoric leafs will suck :D

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