Butt or flange????????

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Mar 31, 2003
Chattavegas, TN
I just removed the majority of my rear 1/4 panel and made a form to check my soon to be rolled/bent 18ga steel. Any body guys out there have suggestions as to whether I should use a butt joint or a flange? The butt seems to require less filler but the butt(hehe) seems weaker. This assuming that the flange can't possibly be bent on a true 90 and will have some amount of radius which will require filler.
Newbie body guy here so be gentle.
The way to do it is with a flanging tool. It makes a squared off Z shape the thickness of your metal so you can overlap them without having a raised area. Then you punch holes with the back side of the flanging tool and weld the spots.

There's always a special tool. :D
Oh darn, another tool.
I think that the pneumatic flanger would be the best choice but that means I need to get a compressor. If I get a compressor, then I might as well get some nippers too.
Thanks alot Gumby,

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